Proactive detection of kernel-mode rootkits

The sophistication of malicious software (malware)
used to break the computer security has increased
exponentially in the last years. Frequently, malware is hidden
into a computer by software components called rootkits.
Therefore, early detection of rootkits is of primary importance
to avoid the uncontrolled operation of malware. Most of
current techniques for rootkit detection only allow a late
detection after the malware has already been hidden by a
rootkit. In this paper, a new technique is presented that
enables the proactive detection of rootkits while they are
hiding malware, and therefore, allowing that hiding can be
avoided. The technique has been designed for rootkits that
operate in kernel-mode. This rootkits are particularly difficult
to detect because both the detector and the rootkit are executed
with the same privileges. This technique can be used to
improve the detection capabilities of intrusion detection and
prevention systems.

Download: ARES

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